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Gabrielle Burton Interviews:

Author Squared: Gabrielle Burton and Chitra Divakaruni (read)

Connie Martinson Talks Books  (watch interview – 4 parts)

NPR: FRESH AIR – Tamsen Donner: Pioneer Dame Of The Donner Party (read or listen)

Frances Dinkelspiel’s interview of Burton about the book: Ghost Word

Ghost Word, “The Donner Party Saga Still Haunts Us

FIND (Film Independent) Interview with FIND Fellow Gabrielle Burton, Author and Screenwriter

Lori A. May interview

Emil Franzi interviews Gabrielle Burton on KVOI AM, Tucson, AZ.  May 1, 2010, Voices of the West. (listen)

Ann Fisher’s interviews the 2 Gabrielles on WOSU FM, NPR, Columbus, OH, May 17, 2010, on All Sides. (listen)

Interviews on Blog Talk Radio:


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Listen to internet radio with rarebirdradio on Blog Talk Radio

Listen to internet radio with rarebirdradio on Blog Talk Radio


More on Burton’s work:

Five Sisters Productions — Burton’s film production company
Hyperion/Voice Books
University of Nebraska Press


For the latest known facts on the Donner Party, see Kristin Johnson’s website New Light on the Donner Party
Kristin Johnson’s Donner Blog


AWWP, Afghan Women’s Writing Project. I’m privileged to be a workshop mentor and occasional editor for some of these courageous Afghan women who secretly write poetry and essays about their lives. You can read their moving stories and poems published on an ezine, or contribute to the project at: (FORMERLY TUNAHAKI) — GO MEANS GIVING OPPORTUNITY… GLOBAL OUTREACH… GRASSROOTS ORGANIZATIONS… 
This is an exellent group that helps youth around the world and encourages youth everywhere to connect meaningfully. You (and your kids) can go to the site, choose a story that motivates you, and raise awareness and funds for specific projects. There’s a soccer program in Rwanda, bicycle-repair vocational training in Kilimanjaro, an eco-project in Nairobi, a teen leadership group in Guatemala, a critical food program in Phnom Penh, and more. GO seeks out projects that are underfunded or falling through the cracks that provide crucial services to orphans and vulnerable children. NOTE: 100% of all your donations go to help the kids. – ORGANIZATION FOR WRITERS — OREGON-CALIFORNIA TRAILS ASSOCIATION – OREGON TRAIL HISTORY — WOMEN WRITING THE WEST
Association of authors, publishers, and other professionals writing and promoting the women’s West — VETERAN FEMINISTS OF AMERICA 
Organization for veterans of the second wave of the feminist movement.

Here are some groups that Burton supports — please consider helping their work:
Microlending organization that accepts your loans of $25 or more, for small start-up businesses in struggling areas — and pays them back. Burton particularly supports the women-owned businesses and has had multiple loans repaid, which she then reloans for new businesses by other women on the site.

Mercy Corp –a group to alleviate suffering and poverty. I’m particularly interested in their programs that have special emphasis on educating women.
This is a really neat grassroots program where people all around the world make a donation of $5.00 to buy a mosquito net. They’ve bought thousands of nets and eradicated a significant amount of malaria. You can make a 5.00 donation once, and/or contribute 25.00 or any amount to a general fund. You select an umbrella group to buy the nets. — NEPALESE YOUTH OPPORTUNITY FOUNDATION
This was started by an American woman, Olga Murray. They have various programs you can donate to. For instance, in the program “Indentured Daughters Program,” $100 will rescue a little girl from being sold for trafficking and pay for one year schooling. “Sometimes,” Burton said, “when I’m thinking about buying something, I think about how many little girls I could rescue for that same amount.” — AMERICAN ASSISTANCE FOR CAMBODIA
Bernie Krishner started this, and Nicholas Kristoff’s family recently started a school there too. Their program called Girls Be Ambitious gives a girl’s family ten dollars a month if the girl attends school, so the girls are encouraged by their families to go. They’ve found that girls going to school has long-term, profound, and highly positive impacts on a culture and economy.